What is microsurfacing?

The micro-surfacing or slurry is a mixture of cold blended aggregate and bitumen emulsion. The mixture can be spread both manually and with a machine. The micro-surfacing forms a weather resistant wearing course layer on the road surface. By adding glass-fiber and latex, elastic properties of the micro-surfacing are also ensured even with a thin layer. The mixture can eliminate the minor roughness’s of the road surface and the longitudinal ruts.

Möss USA

How it works?

The mixture is spread out on the road surface as a thin layer. The self-spreading mixture, spread out cold, fills the cracks and micro-cracks on the road surface. No Loose aggregate will remain on the road. Old and worn surface gets a new fresh look. The completed road section can be opened for traffic 1-2 hours after the spreading, and the initial driving speed can be restored. The micro-surfacing (10 mm), compared to milling and asphalt coating og 50 mm, emits 83% less of CO2, consumes 63% less energy and uses 76% less agregate for the creation of a new wearing course layer.
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Where is it used?

  • In the urban streets
  • On the sidewalks
  • In the car parks
  • On the highway roads
  • In leveling of longitudinal ruts
  • On the light traffic roads
  • At the entrances to private houses
  • At the airfields

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