Pursuant to the European Commission Decision which was also approved by the Government of the Republic of Estonia in regard to the harmonisation of regulations and standards in Europe, there were both Estonian and European standards applicable in parallel in the Republic of Estonia in the period between 1 Jan 2008- to 1 Jan 2011. Pursuant to the termination of the coexistence of standards on 1 Jan 2011, the Client is entitled and obliged to demand that the company carrying out any road surface dressing work issue a CE marking for the work that they have carried out, or show that the work is in compliance with the EVS-EN 12271:2007 standard, which is compulsory all across Europe as of January 2010.

Based on the valid legislation, ÜLE Ltd acquired a production control certificate for its surface treatment technologies on 30 April 2010.

By now, we have certified almost all of our products or surface dressing technologies and we can also issue them with a CE marking.

However, in addition to the CE certificate, quality surface dressing also requires the following:

Quality materials

Depending on the nature of the sub-base and the volume of traffic, we use various aggregates and binders for surface dressing. The range of the gravel used is very wide – from domestic limestone aggregate to diabase, which comes from Finland. Our experience in the use of various binders is slightly more modest, but even here we have used materials of various characteristics – from domestic shale oil bitumen to latex modified bituminous emulsion which is mixed in Sweden. Naturally, we have preferred manufacturers who provide only good quality production, and we been able to conclude some highly productive agreements with them.

A precise mix of materials

The basis for a precise mix is the prior preparation of a comprehensively detailed and well-planned project. In the design of a project, we use the plasticity indices for the specific road as source data. For that purpose, we use a special plasticity-meter. The consumption rate of the binder being used depends on the plasticity of the road pavement. On the other hand, experience also plays an important role, and we have carefully preserved our shared experience in order to make use of it with the constantly developing surface treatment technologies.

Good work

When all of the prior stages have been successfully completed, surface treatment with the best modern technology and experienced men cannot go wrong.