Marek Koit was awarded with Aadu Lass road engineering award

Estonian Road Administration and Estonian Asphalt Pavement Association announced the winners of the Aadu Lass road engineering award in two categories: Aadu’s lifetime achivement award and Aadu’s road engineering award.

Aadu’s engineering award was awarded to Mark Koit for outstanding achivements in the development and sustainability in the road industry. Marek works as the construction manager of Üle Ltd.

Marek Koit has been a developer of the Estonian surface dressing market and he has been innovating the market for 20 years. Under his leadership Üle Ltd has also done surface works in Finland and Sweden with he’s leading activities targeting other road construction companies in alternative markets.

Pigipada Ltd, created by ÜLE Ltd, produces bitumen emulsions and also issues bituminous binder for stabilization work for the production of foamed bitumen. Today Pigipada sells more than 50% of the required production to the Estonian market, in addition Pigipada sells it’s production in the Republic of Finland. Marek Koit has been one of the founders and developers of the emulsion plant.

Marek Koit has taken on a mission to develop the Estonian surface dressing market through the transfer of his experience to his colleagues, including national contractors, supervisors and other contractors, guiding and training them. He has also been a good leader carring out surface dressing meetings which are held annually.